The cannabis artisans: Creating craft cannabis & exceptional genetics

The Cannabis artisan

Long gone are the days of buying a baggy of “weed” in a back alley and hoping for the best. As the cannabis industry is maturing, so too are the expectations of consumers, with innovative cultivation techniques, and speciality strains being the new du jour.

Generally termed “craft cannabis”, the current move is towards natural and handcrafted cannabis, traditionally produced by independent cannabis growers who take the time to pay attention to the details. These cannabis artisans are personally involved with each phase of the growing and production process, from choosing superior genetics, to innovative organic cultivation methods, to hand trimming the final product.

Why Craft Cannabis?

Because of the way in which craft cannabis is grown and produced, it has the ability to speak to the ethics, ideals and identity of a more socially and environmentally conscious generation. At the same time, craft cannabis also satisfy the very particular needs of medical cannabis patients, while satisfying the demand for superior quality cannabis from the older, more discerning consumer.

Here we explore what it is that makes craft cannabis so special, and why the demand for this exceptional product is continuing to increase in popularity.

Environmental Impact & Social Responsibility

Characterized by small batch farming techniques, organic growing methods, and hand processing, craft cannabis not only makes for a premium quality product. It also significantly lessens environmental impact while allowing for an increased social responsibility by ensuring better connections between themselves, their communities and their customers.

Quality & Variety

The personal care and attention that cannabis artisans pay to their cannabis crops, means that each part of the cultivation and manufacturing process is superior to mass produced product. And just like with craft breweries and boutique wineries, this also means that they can offer more variety and a larger choice of products.

Consistent profiles & Preserving Specialist Genetics

Small batch farming also allows for cannabis artisans and craft growers to focus on things like specialist genetics, rare landraces, and cannabinoid ratios. Because they have the time, knowledge and experience, cannabis artisans can use clones to produce consistent cannabinoid profiles for medical strains. Similarly, they can also breed from the same batch in order to preserve unique and specialist genetics as in the case of rare landraces.

Craft cannabis is about the ideal: The quest for producing a superior quality cannabis product that reflects the expertise, patience, care and attention to detail the cannabis artisans and cultivators used in its production. And although there are many people who are limited in their purchasing choices, there are consumers that demand the integrity, variety and quality of craft cannabis. And it is this, that will make craft cannabis artisans and cultivators continue to thrive in this ever evolving market.


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