Hemp toilet paper for a cleaner…world!

Hemp toilet paper

Like we mentioned in a previous article dedicated to paper, switching from the regular tree paper to hemp paper could be a crucial step towards saving our planet. What we would like to do here instead is concentrate on one of the most mundane and widespread uses of paper: Toilet paper!

First, let’s quickly recap why hemp paper is way more environmentally friendly than tree paper:

  • Harvest time of about 4 months for hemp against 20 years for trees.
  • Less water necessary for hemp throughout the process.
  • Hemp replenishes nutrients in the soil.
  • Hemp requires less chemicals during production.
  • Hemp is 70% cellulose against trees which are only 30%.
  • Hemp would avoid mass deforestation.
  • Hemp produces approximately four times more fibers/acre than trees.

So, let’s get specific and analyze why hemp would be so great for toilet paper.

Hemp fibers are odorless and resistant to mold or other bacteria which is important for a product that would be used on our skin. On top of that, despite common intuition, hemp paper can be worked to be very soft yet resistant, with an absorbing capacity of about four times its weight.

Now consider that on average every person in the world will use 8.8Kg in 2020, with much higher numbers in the developed nations where for example the United States will use around 25Kg per person in one year. That’s a lot of paper, with a huge environmental impact which could be curbed by switching to hemp paper.

Let’s not forget that a third of trees gets cut down for paper production and about a quarter of all solid waste in landfills is pulp or papermill scraps. Paper mills and their production processes are responsible for about 20% of all toxic air waste and each ton of paper pollutes almost 80 thousand liters of water. We’re talking big numbers.

Request at the moment for hemp toilet paper is inexplicably low, probably due to wrong common intuition about it being rough, or maybe because we take toilet paper for granted in general, yet with increasing pressure on our generation to save our planet and radically change our habits toilet paper is a subject we will certainly address soon.

The subject might seem funny at first, but if we look at the data things become serious very quickly, so it’s up to us to make the right decisions as consumers and move the market beyond the regular toilet paper made from trees.

It’s time for hemp toilet paper for a cleaner…world!

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