Hemp beer: the freshest way to enjoy the flavor and aroma of hemp

Hemp beer

One of the most innovative hemp products in the food industry is certainly beer.

In recent years many beer lovers have transformed themselves from regular consumers to real connoisseurs, always looking for new flavors. It comes as no surprise then if the number of craft beers with unique flavors available on the market keeps increasing.

Thanks to a hazelnut flavor and a floral aroma, hemp beers are becoming ever more successful and they can be frequently found in bars, restaurants or supermarkets.
Regardless of this increase in notoriety, many still have doubts about this drink, from how it is produced all the way to its effects.

What is the difference between hemp beer and the “traditional” kind?

During the fermentation of “traditional” beers some hop is added to act as a catalyst and add some of its aroma. In hemp beer, some hemp flowers and leaves are added instead of, or with, the hop.

This is possible because hop and cannabis are part of the same family of plants (cannabaceae), therefore they share many properties, amongst which the aiding of fermentation and the antibacterial ones.

Each brewer will obviously use his own recipes and methods, using maybe more leaves or more flowers, but the main characteristics will always be the same: A strong, wholesome aroma, leaning towards floral with a fantastic hazelnut taste.

Is hemp beer “psychedelic” or illegal?

Absolutely not. Hemp beer has no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is responsible for the famous psychedelic effects of cannabis. This means that if you’ll feel anything while drinking it, it will be due to the alcohol in the beer and not to the substances found in the plants used. Therefore, remember to always drink in moderation.

What you will find however is a wide variety of other natural cannabidiols, totally legal and with multiple positive effects, such as CBD.

Our advice.

  • This might seem obvious, but like all beer, hemp beer is at its best when served nice and cold. If alcohol percentages are around 4-5% the ideal temperature will be 7-9°C, while higher alcohol concentrations such as 9% have a more ideal temperature around 10°C.
  • Store the bottles in a dark place so that the flavor and the aroma won’t be altered.
  • Do a tasting. To understand which producer or specific beer is your favorite, it’s best to first try them out of course. We suggest to try a bottle of each type from each producer before stocking up the fridge.
  • Even if it has no psychedelic effects (unless clearly stated otherwise) hemp beer is still an alcoholic drink therefore it must be used with moderation.

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