5 Tips for amazing cannabis pics with your smartphone

5 Tips for great pics of buds

I think we can all agree on the fact that cannabis is absolutely beautiful. However, sometimes it can be hard to catch all that beauty in a picture. Whether you’re a hobbyist who wants to share his beautiful buds on social media, or a business trying to show the world your products in the best way, the quality of your pictures can make a big difference. So how can you get professional results without having to spend thousands on professional gear?

Believe it or not, everything you need to take the best pics of your buds is already within your reach. Our smartphones are perfectly equipped with the right hardware that will allow you to let your buds shine like they should. With these five tips your buds will be worthy of the red carpet.

1. Stabilize your cell

There are several ways to stop your phone from moving as your snapping pictures. The first is to get yourself a tripod. There are plenty of ergonomic options for phones that you will easily find online; however, if you want to save down to the last penny, try using a peg or leaning your phone against a stable object. This will take care of most vibrations, letting you get clear and crisp pics of the smallest details.

2. Use your earphones as a remote

Using a button on your phone or the touchscreen to take a picture can create enough vibrations to ruin everything.
Did you know that you can use the earphones that come with your phone as a remote control to take pics? It’s really easy: just connect your earphones and use the volume buttons to snap pictures once you’re in camera mode.

3. Use a picture app

There are plenty of apps that will help you edit the pics you’ve taken. But did you know that there are some apps that will actually help you get better results before you’ve snapped? With most camera mode screens you don’t have the possibility to set light exposure, snap speed or ISO, yet with these apps you can tinker all these variables before you take a picture, just like you would with a pro digital camera.

4. Dim or deflect the lights

Avoid the standard set up of the camera’s flash because it will give you an overexposed result. If the only white you want in your pics are trichomes then you must use softer lights. Direct light is too intense, creating ugly shadows and overexposed patches where the light hits your subject directly. To avoid this, use indirect light or let it deflect on a white surface. The best would be to deflect it from a slightly opaque, white surface, like a tissue or a standard piece of paper.

5. Consider using a macro lens

Macro lenses are fantastic because they let you get real, real close to your buds, opening up a universe of new colors and details. With a macro lens that goes beyond a 15x zoom, you could fill up an entire picture with just one pistil and its trichomes. Some of the most creative cannabis pictures use macro lenses. Luckily, today you can find macro lenses for your smartphone at relatively cheap prices. With a simple online search you will find plenty of options ranging from cheap to expensive. Don’t worry about spending too much money, it’s really not necessary. Some of the cheaper models work wonders when you’re taking pics of buds.

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