Who we are

A young and passionate team of individuals who believe in the importance of hemp, especially in the future.

Amaweed started from the desire of being able to find in one web-site all the best products related to hemp and being able to purchase them safely, with the utmost respect for the law.

Our business model is simple:

“From Hemp Lovers to Hemp Lovers”

“FROM HEMP LOVERS” – We select and only choose to work with producers who really love this plant and who manage to transform their knowledge, passion and hard work in to quality products.

“TO HEMP LOVERS” – We deliver the best products that Italy and Europe have to offer, straight to the homes of the people who love hemp and it's multiple uses.

Only by offering "the best" can we make you understand the true quality of these products, while at the same time speeding up the change of the perception that people have of this wonderful plant.

The world is changing and we truly hope with all our hearts to be a part of this change, thanks to our work.

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